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The Award-Winning Kanban System: Higher Quality Work, Better Productivity and Peace of Mind

While you and your co-workers can see widgets on an assembly line, asset registers, maintenance plans or work orders, knowledge work is mostly invisible.   Your work-in-process (WIP) grows. Before you know it, you’re overloaded. You can’t think deeply about what you’re doing, let alone find enough time for continuous improvement.  Productivity slows. Mistakes and defects grow. Morale and job satisfaction decline. Planning is nearly impossible.

Personal Kanban is a simple, effective, award-winning management system for digging out of work — and staying dug out — to achieve higher quality, better productivity, greater job satisfaction, and peace of mind.

Jim Benson is a Lean Work Flow expert.  He has successfully applied lean management principles to knowledge work for individuals, teams, and companies. In this workshop, he’ll show you a proven system that makes knowledge work visible, calms disruptive variations in workloads, and converts mountain of WIP into an actionable, manageable flow of work.

  • Implement a system that tames overloads
  • Explore how limiting WIP allows you to complete what you start
  • Prove your value to senior executives
  • Schedule the right work at the right time
  • Apply lean concepts to individual and team knowledge work
  • Know how to take on only the work you have the capacity to do
  • Recognise how to “pull” in new work when a job is completed
  • Replace guesstimates with accurate forecasts
  • Have more time for balance in your personal, professional, and social lives.