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Asset Management 2017: Industry Snapshot


As senior asset management leaders we strive for operational excellence. We know how important asset management is in a company’s ability to increase productivity, and to demonstrate continuous improvement. The fact is we rely on our assets to make money. We need to disrupt the mindset that asset management simply equals maintenance – it doesn’t. The current climate is right for engaging senior management in long-term asset management strategy and ensuring our organisations are set up to for continuous improvement.

How do we make asset management the value proposition that we know it needs to be? How can we maximise asset performance through stakeholder engagement, operational excellence and reliability?  As we set plans for 2017 and beyond, asset management practitioners are asking themselves these and other questions.

In a recent series of roundtable discussion groups, senior professionals revealed what is happening within their organisations and the wider community with regard to the barriers and opportunities to achieving asset management excellence. This report presents the results and explores some of the challenges facing asset intensive industries and the enablers which will lead the path towards change.

Methodology & Respondent Profile

  • Research conducted in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane in September 2016
  • Method: Small face-to-face discussion groups facilitated by an industry thought-leader to uncover pain points, challenges and ideas for improvement
  • Industries represented included mining and resources, transport, utilities, infrastructure and manufacturing
  • Over 90 asset management professionals participated including:
    • Asset Managers
    • Maintenance Managers
    • Reliability Professionals
    • Plant Managers
    • Performance Engineers
    • General Managers

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