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On-Demand Recording: How to Move the Right Reliability and Asset Management Levers to Enhance Shareholder Value

hose-758461_640Corporate senior executives have traditionally seen reliability and asset management levers as uninteresting and technical activities.  However, forward thinking organisations are learning that when these levers are moved, they can significantly enhance and sustain the shareholder value of the enterprise.

Bob DiStefano is credited with being one of the earliest leaders to recognise and emphasise the links between corporate business performance and asset management. In his fascinating keynote at the Mainstream Conference in 2017, Bob dissected a company’s financial statements to expose the direct connections between asset management measures and strategic measures of shareholder value, including company profit, share price, market capitalisation and Return on Assets.

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  • The elements of income statements and balance sheets
  • The direct connections between asset management and enterprise strategic performance
  • Significant shareholder value creation and the role of company leadership in recognising this connection
  • The elements of the financial statements that can be affected, including income, expenses and return on assets (ROA)

You will also hear what the top performers are doing to enhance corporate strategic performance, and the positive impact on shareholder value that is possible with top-quartile reliability and asset management practices.

About the Speaker 

robert-distefano-mainstream-conferenceBob DiStefano is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost Asset Management thought leaders. He was formerly the VP and General Manager of Emerson Reliability Consulting. He has authored countless articles on reliability and asset management and a text book on Asset Data Integrity. Bob was the top rated speaker at Mainstream North America. Later this year, he has the honour of delivering the keynote at the American Society of Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP) Conference.