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Reliability Schools

Running alongside Mainstream Melbourne 2017 will be two Reliability Schools, Level 1 Lubrication School and Level 1 Planner’s School. Attendees to these training sessions will have the additional benefit of access to all of the Mainstream networking & some of the keynote presentations.


Lubrication School is designed to reduce machine failures and replacement costs, stop costly bearing failures, improve meantime between failures, help you squeeze maximum life from lubricants and extend machine life by up to 10 times.  The Level 1 (Fundamentals) course helps you prepare for the ICML Level 1 Machine Lubrication Technician (MLT 1) OR Level 1 Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA 1) certification.

For more information on Lubrication School or to register for the training, click here.


Planner’s School is a two day interactive training course that includes group exercises, case studies, problem-solving activities and a group presentation. It’s a vibrant community where maintenance and reliability people have important conversations, form lasting relationships and pinpoint new and different ways to get business results.

For more information on Planner’s School or to register for the training, click here.