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Technology in Asset Management: How to Cut Through the Hype to Offer True Value

Drone Artifical Intelligence Mainstream ConferenceDrones, 3D Mapping, Artificial Intelligence, Automation….. Not long ago these were solely the domain of technology companies to explore.

However, with the increasing democratisation of technology today, these technologies are creeping into mainstream industries, including asset management, and it’s changing the fundamentals of how we work.

Here’s an excerpt from our Asset Management 2017 Industry Snapshot which details the community’s drive to adopt this technology and what they hope to achieve by using it.

“There is a democratisation of technology – it’s changing the asset management world fundamentally – but this is not happening in a vacuum. The workplace is changing and employees are expecting a new experience.

The goal is to find technology which can demonstrably improve asset management and offer true value to the business. Ultimately we are searching for simplicity – technology which is easy to use and effective in delivery. The ability to automate processes and standardise tasks to improve productivity is the goal. Automation requires availability and reliability – but costs can creep with more complex equipment to maintain.

We want to enable our organisations to provide technology that is designed for and driven by the user. With an increasingly contingent workforce, remote workers and bigger communication challenges, how do we keep people engaged? And what part can technology play? It all goes back to why we are using technology. Buying the bling without knowing the reason is one of the biggest mistakes we can make.

But what is even worse…… being left behind.”

But the biggest challenge remains: how do you discern the hype from what is commercially viable?

Here are some sessions which we’ll bring you at Mainstream Conference that will showcase how your peers are using these technologies right now and where the opportunities lie for those bold enough to take the leap.

1. Drone Technology, Thermal Imaging & 3D Mapping – Game Changers for Asset Managers
John Bowie – Director, Palm Crest

When new technologies make bold promises, how do you discern the hype from what’s commercially viable? In this fascinating interactive session, John will demo two technologies currently being utilised – both are game changers for Asset Managers.

Drone technology used for inspections, thermal imaging and 3D mapping. Hear and see how drones are changing the way condition monitoring data is being collected and how that information is impacting Asset Management

3D Gantt visualisation and live field updating to significantly improve the quality of data used for scheduling large and complex Shutdowns

Using the Gartner Hype Principle, John will guide you through case studies and show you examples of how cutting edge technology is transforming asset management – as opposed to just being tech hype!

2. How 3D Imaging and Visual Technologies Add New Depth and Dimensions in Maintenance
Ian Renall – Maintenance Superintendent – Iron Making, New Zealand Steel

Over the past years New Zealand Steel forged a new ‘virtual’ reality in plant maintenance, by pushing the boundaries of what is possible (and practical) using emerging technologies such as drones, laser scanning and interactive 3D visualisation.

The result?

A highly visual, yet cost effective approach that offers superior insight into assets and equipment and provides front-line maintainers with greater clarity and confidence.

Attendees will visually learn how New Zealand Steel’s 3D-enabled strategy is helping to address maintenance challenges such as:

  • How to improve planning and execution of complex maintenance activities?
  • How to better prepare for breakdowns and repairs?
  • How to reduce errors, rework and delays?
  • How to improve hazard awareness and reduce safety risk
  • How to capture and communicate vital ‘how-to’ knowledge? (before it walks off site), and
  • How to engage a newer generation of tech savvy workers? (who have different ideas when it comes to learning and doing)

3. Motion Amplification: Moving Vibration Analysis to the Visual Spectrum
Jeff Hay – CEO, RDI Technologies

Hear how companies are combating the limitations of traditional vibration technologies by shifting motion and amplification sensors from the 1D digital world to the visual spectrum. Videos created through Motion Amplification enhance the understanding of the components and interrelationships creating the motion and allows the user to simply draw a box and measure the time waveform and spectrum in absolute units of displacement.

Hear practical examples of how this troubleshooting tool is providing a quick and effective alternative to traditional ODS, and an effective communication tool between technical and non-technical resources.

4. Interactive Life Hacks Panel – Awesome and Innovative Ideas to Improve Asset Reliability and Maintenance
Facilitated by Mike Greyling, Head of Central Asset Maintenance, BHP Billiton Iron Ore

Have you ever repaired a conveyor belt with a radio-controlled car, surveyed a remote asset with a baby monitor, or achieved 3D modelling with Play-Doh?

We are constantly told that there are technology products and major strategic transformations that will change the way we do business. But often, the changes that make the most impact come from practical solutions that are right before our eyes and suggested by team members working on the shop floor.

Following on from Mainstream 2016’s keynote, “Maintaining a Space Station with a Toothbrush”, this interactive session is your chance to hear Australian and NZ reliability and maintenance people talk about big changes that came from the most innovative and inconspicuous places.

5. Intelligent Asset Strategy – Digital Enablement of Asset Management Maturity
Felicia Tristanto – Digital Asset Management Consultant, GE Digital

Industrial digitalisation is here and many organisations are struggling to reap the benefit of technology advancement in the asset management space. Many have put millions to billions of dollar investment in IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) to improve productivity and the bottom line.

Ironically, the reality is implementation of new technologies has created a more siloed and disengaged workforce. The solution to the problem is already here – the methodology of Intelligent Asset Strategy (IAS) which is becoming the ‘steam engine’ of the next industrial revolution in digital technology.


Plus many more inspiring and interactive sessions. View the full agenda here.

Mainstream Conference is a celebration of the leadership, technology, ideas, and innovations that are literally transforming Asset Management in Australia. Join us in Perth [19-21 March] or Melbourne [26-28 March].

This post originally appeared on Mainstream Perth Blog.