What would MAINSTREAM be without its renowned networking party, complete with DJ and band? After 2+ years in the digital wilderness and working from home, the 2022 networking party is shaping up to be the best yet!

Where the ideas and fun flow, it is a chance to get away from the content and end the first day of the conference in a super-relaxed environment with old and new friends.

We take care of the music and vibe, so you can focus on making meaningful connections.

Get inspired, and leave with valuable ideas and business opportunities. And all of this wrapped up in an unforgettable experience, as you know only MAINSTREAM can do.


We cannot let the cat out of the bag just yet, but rest assured this is the perfect way to kick-start your MAINSTREAM experience on Thursday evening.

The Jumpstart will be loud, energising and fun – and will ease you perfectly into the next two days.

Whether you are new to the community or a returning friend, we promise this is something not to be missed.


Our app is the key to your networking experience. Through it, you can connect with everyone at MAINSTREAM. You can share ideas and swap contact information while chatting about the event, your industry, and the wider state of Asset Management in the world.

Once you have created your event profile, attendees can reach out to you, connect through messages, and set up in-person meetings.

The connections you make at MAINSTREAM last beyond just the two days. Keep up with the people you meet to take your networking to the next level.


Mike Priddis - World Economic Forum AI Council and CEO, Faethm

The Asset Management, Maintenance and Reliability Workforce is about to be dramatically transformed by Automation. But this is not apocalyptic. Because the machines won’t have it all their way. Jobs are going, jobs are changing, and jobs are coming.

How will emerging tech impact us in the next 2, 5 and 10 years? What critical skills do I need to develop in my workforce? What new roles will I need to add to my workforce? How could technology augment my current workforce? How can I identify potential redeployment of my internal roles to in-demand skills? And how do we transition painlessly, productively, and happily?