There are multiple interactive Think Tanks – you can attend as many as you like. You get the opportunity to network and learn from 20 peers (from other industries) in each one. With your camera on it's a wonderful face to face and personable experience. All based on hot topics, one hour in duration and led by industry experts. Hosted by the Eventful Group they offer you excellent peer to peer learning and are designed to fit into busy schedules.

These think tanks run over a 3 week period pre Mainstream OnAir between 19 April – 10 May commencing at 12 noon (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

These discussions are for registered attendees of Mainstream OnAir.

SAP Community Roundtable Topic Date & Time
Improved throughput, greater uptime and lower costs plus less stress and more space to think long-term, are just some of the advantages to being reliability-focussed. But many organisations struggle to become less reactive. In this think tank we will discuss and share experiences relating to what holds us back and how to get started on the journey and gain momentum.
10 May | 12 noon BOOK
Modern Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance solutions promise improved asset performance, increased asset reliability, reduced risk and lower costs.

Many industrial companies are therefore attempting to leverage massive amounts of data with advanced analytics such as machine learning – but despite the promise of analytics, many still struggle with operationalisation and fail to unlock the value of their data.

In this think tank, we will discuss and share experiences regarding critical success factors that help to ensure predictive maintenance initiatives deliver on their promise.
10 May | 12 noon BOOK