There are 12 interactive Think Tanks – you can attend as many as you like. You get the opportunity to network and learn from 20 peers (from other industries) in each one. With your camera on it's a wonderful face to face and personable experience. All based on hot topics, one hour in duration and led by industry experts. Hosted by the Eventful Group they offer you excellent peer to peer learning and are designed to fit into busy schedules.

These think tanks run over a 3 week period pre Mainstream OnAir between 19 April – 10 May commencing at 12 noon (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

These discussions are for registered attendees of Mainstream OnAir.

SAP Community Roundtable Topic Date & Time
The data that we all are creating, changing, and using every day is not at a level that we need it to be to effectively manage assets and materials to the required outcomes and cost. So, let’s take a few minutes to discuss some options and begin developing a ‘Data Quality Roadmap’ that will help you to get business buy-in on your initiatives.
• Governance Structure(s) – Maintenance & Materials
• Data Ownership – Who and Why
• Visibility & Visualisation of assets and materials
• Reactive vs Proactive – impacts of each
19 April | 12 noon BOOK
A conversation on what a successful planning scheduling implementation looks like, including what is the objective, key elements and how to measure success. Participants will share best practices and also, their wish list on how this could be easily done now and in the future.

• Planning and scheduling challenges and how did you overcome them
• Implementing new planning and scheduling processes
• How to optimize your maintenance planning process
19 April | 12 noon BOOK
Sustaining capital projects are often executed in isolation to those who operate and maintain an asset. What role should Operations and Maintenance play in shaping and executing sustaining capital programs?
20 April | 12 noon BOOK
Join a collaborative session to understand the current state of play across Australia's asset intensive industries, exploring the strategies and methodologies that have been adopted, and how successful these have been.
20 April | 12 noon BOOK
Together we will discuss how maintenance organisations are creating positive change by placing the field worker at the centre of asset management and arming them with powerful, connected solutions.
22 April | 12 noon BOOK
As a part of any capital purchase there is an element of Operational Readiness that should be applied. Before I procure and commission do I have the right systems, processes, people, training, strategies and tactics in place to effectively maintain and operate the asset from day 1. The last thing you want to do is spend the first 3-months working out how to maintain the asset and the first month trying to learn to operate it. The impact on cost to operate and maintain over whole of life. Join your peers in a discussion around the key elements required to sustainably ramp up your assets.
22 April | 12 noon BOOK
For this roundtable we will consider 8 main reasons for equipment unreliability and participants are invited to discuss solutions that have proved successful.
27 April | 12 noon BOOK
Join this discussion session to identify solutions to your greatest data challenges. Leverage peer-to-peer learning to uncover how highly accurate, complete asset data is maximizing wrench-time, first-call resolution and asset availability.
27 April | 12 noon BOOK
The digital economy is truly here - we have seen the importance of digitalisation as COVID challenged businesses in their ability to reimagine operations at great pace. Quality data is imperative to staying competitive in the long game but is still often overlooked. Does your organisation see Data as a strategic pillar in its digital future?  Does your data support your business agility and growth aspirations? Does your organisation have a clear business case to invest? Do you understand the impact that quality data can have? How are you scoping and piloting projects in order to demonstrate and quantify value in your organisation’s Data? Getting initiatives off the ground is all about how we translate that in dollar terms to win Executive Buy-In. Data Assessment or Jumpstart Initiatives that delivers a win, enables advancement and gets runs on the board. It’s certainly hard work, but if you can keep paving your way, investment will continue.
3 May | 12 noon BOOK
Steaming into Digital Transformation projects in an unstructured way, without foundation or the end game in mind is no way to drive success. Before you think of data and data quality, establishing process that will drive performance improvement is the first port of call.
4 May | 12 noon BOOK
Many observers expected the pandemic would derail the move towards stronger Environmental, Social and Governance requirements. But the opposite happened: the push for ESG adherence and reporting has accelerated, often triggering a rethink of what “value” stands for. We will discuss how asset managers can leverage this opportunity to engage with top management and raise the profile of Asset Management in their organization.
4 May | 12 noon BOOK
Improved throughput, greater uptime and lower costs plus less stress and more space to think long-term, are just some of the advantages to being reliability-focussed. But many organisations struggle to become less reactive. In this think tank we will discuss and share experiences relating to what holds us back and how to get started on the journey and gain momentum.
10 May | 12 noon BOOK